NextStep’s June Update

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There’s a lot of changes coming your way! This month, our updates are light because we’ve got a lot in store…so get ready. But, what we can say is that we’re finishing the first phase of our work with New Voices, and we are launching our KIPP pilot this month.

Asks and shout-outs 🙋

Looking for introductions to seed-stage VCs and investors, HR or DEI representatives at mid to large enterprises, and career advisors at colleges and universities.

Highlights 🔥

  1. Lauren, previously our marketing intern, is now full-time as a Marketing and Partnerships Manager!
  2. Our latest reel is our most viewed yet (Lauren’s already earning her keep 🤣)

Lowlights 😢

  1. We’ve built slow and steady traction, but now it’s time to scale. Being hard to find on google and relying on virtual events and interactions, our team is thinking of creative ways to increase brand awareness.

’Til the next 10th,

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