NextStep’s March Update

Excited to share this month’s NextStep update!


  1. We launched our first podcast episode for Informal Education!
  2. Our organic growth has increased as friends, family, and other users recommend NextStep (see pic above!).
  3. We are scoping a career education/internship program with a venture fund that invests in women of color owned companies.
  4. We applied for two grants: The Black Ambition Grant and FedEx Small Business Grant.

Asks and shout-outs 🙋

  1. Shout-out to our operations intern, Emiko Stroud, for taking our podcast, Informal Education, from conception to launch!
  2. We are continuing our formal partnerships initiative. Looking for introductions to (1) HR or DEI representatives at mid to large enterprises, (2) companies/organizations dedicated to improving outcomes for underrepresented communities, or (3) career advisors at colleges and universities.
  3. We are still looking to raise capital through grants and pitch competitions. If you see any come across for education, career development, or for women-owned or minority-owned, please pass those along!

Highlights 🔥

  1. Through the grant application process, we officially have copy, a pitch video, and a product demo on hand to quickly apply for future grants.
  2. We hired Adrienne, a talented project manager to accelerate operational activities, funding sourcing, and many things in between. She’s awesome — can’t wait to see what she brings to the team!

Lowlights 😢

  1. We encountered a few onboarding bugs that have prevented new users to book sessions with a coach. The bug has been fixed, and we’re reaching out to the impacted users individually to remedy the poor user experience.
  2. We received feedback that our website doesn’t showcase coach credibility as an A-team. We are meeting with a UX designer and brand strategist to address these gaps.

Spotlight 🙌

  • Informal Education: Our first podcast is with Misha Ferguson, marketing operations expert for the tech industry, discussing how she’s gone from minimum wage to a six-figure salary by learning how to negotiate and negotiate well. Check it out here!

’Til the next 10th,

Erin Rowe
NextStep Founder & CEO



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